NPrinting Designer Excel Issue

With the launch of Windows 11 last week, Microsoft also rolled out updates to many of their other product suites including Microsoft Office.  Solve has recognized an issue with a recent change to Microsoft Excel causing issues with Qlik’s NPrinting Designer.  Users may see a message similar to this one:

“Qlik NPrinting Designer can’t find a supported reporting template editor for the file…”

The issue occurs after an upgrade of MS Excel to version 2109 (Build 16.0.14430.20224) 64 bit or version 2109 (Build 16.0.14430.20270) or users of Office 365.

The Qlik team is aware of the issue and is working to issue a patch. In the meantime, there are two workarounds that can be implemented to attempt to temporarily resolve the issue:

  1. Perform a full MS Office Online Repair operation or,
  2. Roll back to the previous version of MS Excel that was installed.

Solve has had mixed results with the MS Office Online Repair process while the roll back may not be an option for some organizations.  Unfortunately, there are no other workaround options available at this time.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this issue, or the work around steps, please reach out to our support desk at  You can also follow the thread regarding this issue in the Qlik Community.

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