Securing Qlik Servers based on the Microsoft Print Spooler Vulnerability

Qlik and the Windows Print Spooler

A recent vulnerability with the Windows print spooling service could provide a point for remote code to be executed on the system with system-level privileges. More about the details of vulnerability can be found on Microsoft’s website.

Microsoft has rolled out security patches to address this issue and Microsoft has rolled out security patches to address this issue and recommends that organizations update their systems immediately. In the meantime, there is also a workaround which can be leveraged involving disabling the print spooling service until a window is available for patches to be implemented.

For the most part, disabling the print spooler service on Qlik servers will not be a problem.  Anyone running Qlik Sense will be able to disable the service without impacting Qlik functionality.

The only known impact will be to organizations utilizing NPrinting to run QlikView entities reports.  These reports are dependent on the Windows Print Spooler service, and thus disabling the spooler would remove that functionality until patches were able to be implemented, and the service turned back on. All other reporting services through NPrinting do not rely on the spooler and should be all clear with disabling the service.

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